What We Believe

IMMENSE POSSIBILITIES is built on a foundation of clear beliefs and assumptions.

1. The craving to make a difference, to create and leave something of value to the world and generations to come, is nearly universal. Most people have a genuine desire to contribute to something bigger than their personal prosperity. This impulse takes many forms, and the ability to act on it is one element of a satisfying life. No one can say whether optimists or pessimists are “right” more often.  But it’s easy to see that active optimistic people enjoy their lives more than passive pessimistic people.

2. The areas of agreement among Americans are broader and deeper than they appear. America’s “polarization” is overstated and often contrived. The opportunities for building common ground and breaking the old deadlocks are everywhere. We invite you to read Jeff’s article “The Hidden Agreement” from the magazine Spirituality and Health.

3. The challenge of building a more sustainable, compassionate and peaceful world is one of enlivening, not persuading. That’s why we find the Reverend Howard Thurman’s comment so inspiring:  “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” The example of people living their lives with passion, purpose and commitment has much more enlivening power than any soapbox speeches or debates.

4. A healthy community and society has plenty of contact among generations. Socially concerned people of different ages have had trouble appreciating and understanding one another. Bringing generations closer together for conversation, projects and enjoyment will enhance our lives and point towards solutions to some daunting problems.

If these beliefs line up with yours, explore IMMENSE POSSIBILITIES with us.