What Others Say

One media reviewer who came to a recent IP event had this to say.

And according to some of  Immense Possibilities’ earliest guests ,

“Immense Possibilities  is just we need. More and more Americans are searching. We’re sick of sound bites. We want thoughtful, probing dialogue. We want not just better exposes of the many crises; we want media opening us to the “immense possibilities” right here before us if we don’t let fear envelope us. Thank you, Jeff Golden, for stepping us in this unprecedented time. Thank you for listening to what we want.”

—Frances Moore Lappe, teacher, lecturer, author of best-selling books including Diet for a  Small Planet, Democracy’s Edge, Getting a Grip


“Through the poignant energy of our three-way conversation, a surprising feature surfaced for me.  The interview itself was delivering a transformative element pushing up against my own well-worn patterns of belief.  Jeff Golden’s inimitable interviewing style can promise this experience in real time.  What better precursor to ‘changing the world’…changing our minds!”

— Leslie Lanes, The Rose Circle Mentoring Group


“It was truly an honor to have a conversation with you on Immense Possibilities  that asked the deeper questions about the purpose of life and about how people can climb over their discouragement and make the difference in the world they’ve always dreamed of making. Thank you for your profound gift to the world.”

—Sam Daley-Harris, Founder,  RESULTS and Microcredit Summit Campaign


“Jeff Golden’s life-long engagement with the belief that social and political change can be achieved through a passionate engagement with ideas is part of what made our on-air IP conversation such a pleasure. Incisive, curious, probing, Jeff has a gift for asking the right questions at the right time, and this is true not only for his ability to conduct  conversations, but is also at the heart of his enterprise writ large: our thinking is clearer and our prospects brighter when such innovative forays as Immense Possibilities  take root in our political culture.”

—Harvard Professor Robb Moss, award-winning documentary filmmaker


“My experience on IPR far surpassed an involvement in a simple dialogue about film and art.  Our discussion moved quickly into a territory where we were we found ourselves unpacking the ramifications of filmmaking on a political, social and global level.  IPR is so fresh and unique and so necessary in that it pushes its guests and listeners to not only identify specifically what they are passionate about but to be proactive in noticing the positive and productive impact their passion can have on the world around them.”

—Elle Martini, Writer/Director of the film “person, place or thing”

“At a time when we need more forums, and fewer againstums Immense Possibilities offers us the immense possibility of working together to bake a bigger pie instead of scrapping over the scraps.”

–Swami Beyondananda, a/k/a Steve Bhaerman