To order IP books

At IMMENSE POSSIBILITIES we like to do business person-to-person, without the the multinational banking and credit industry. So purchasing our books is simple and direct. Just send a check or money order to ”Immense Possibilities” at

Immense Possibilities
PO Box 1232, Ashland, Oregon 97520

Yes, this takes little trust, in both directions. But it also extends IP’s support of community-based economics, and allows us to discount our products and offer free shipping and handling.

Price list [all prices include shipping (at media-mail rate) and handling]

Unafraid the Book - Front Cover UNAFRAID: A Novel of the Possible
(Retail Price: $18.95)     1 copy: $17     2 copies: $30     3 copies: $40
Unafraid the Book - Front Cover AS IF WE WERE GROWNUPS
(Retail Price: $12) 1 copy: $11   2 copies: $18   3 copies: $22
Unafraid the Book - Front Cover FOREST BLOOD
(Retail Price: $15) 1 copy: $15    2 copies: $24  3 copies: $30

Special through December 30, 2013 : Buy the set of all three books together:
1 set of three: $32     2 sets: $55     3 sets: $70

(For larger discounts for classroom or other group purposes contact

Include a note with your check or money order, specifying how many individual copies or sets you want., and whether you want Jeff’s personalized autograph.

Thanks for participating in a new, actually old, model with us.

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