Sometimes there’s no IP. But…

When we read the daily headlines we sometimes pause and reflect: what immense possibility is there in this? There are times when no clear answer comes.  Last week was one of them, when a horribly sick young man massacred nine people and wounded ten others at Umpqua Community College, 100 miles up the road from the Immense Possibilities studio.  All of us nearby are horrified, numbed, weary of the sense of powerlessness.

We have nothing to add to the unending verbal battle over greater gun regulation. We favor it, and, to be truthful, have no idea how much violence like this could be prevented with legislation.  What’s clearer to us is that the other main ingredient in these shootings–completely broken, suffering, insane people–comes largely from turning our collective back on conditions that breed mental illness.   We don’t understand it, or we fear it, or somehow can’t seem to take it as seriously as physical illness. Last week one of the bills for this neglect came due.

We’ve featured a few groups who focus unwaveringly on the well-being of young children and families.  Most of them get by with meagre budgets and a corps of generous, caring volunteers.  The kids who get this careful nurturing will not be murdering clusters of strangers sometime down the road.

It’s not “The Solution” to massacres like this.  There’s probably no such thing.  But it’s a giant piece of the puzzle.  Clearly–painfully clearly at times like this–nurturing our kids, all kids, with generous attention is worth the investment.  A much bigger investment than what we’ve made.


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