Recognition long overdue

This is great.  Ashland Food Angels, our completely amazing, barely-noticed hometown organization, is about to get the big kudos it deserves.  This weekend the national NPR program E-town will give Pamela Joy its E-Chievement Award, which recognizes people who magnificent work “making their communities a better place.”

Does that ever describe Pamela, who for years has been relentless finding surplus food and getting it to people who most need it.  No money, no bureaucracy, no sitting around wondering how she’ll get it down, or whether one person can make a differnece.  She just gets it done.   Visit her site and think about honoring her award with some support.

You are amazing, Pamela.  Thank you.

(If you listen to JPR in Oregon, the show will air this Saturday, December 14 at noon at 89.1FM.  If you live elsewhere, find out here where you can listen.)


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  1. Jack
    December 10. 2013 at 21:20

    This IS a great Kudo for Pamala and all the work and care she’s put in all these many years; this kind of national recognition is huge……congrats Pamala and all the elves who work with her……..

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