Our week celebrating Yes!

Thanks to IP's earliest viewers for your great enthusiastic welcoming of our debut program with Frankie Lappe and the young women who are re-founding Camp Odyssey. This week we get an hour with the Executive Editor of Yes! Magazine, the night before the magazine's huge 15th Anniversary Celebration in downtown Seattle. They're getting the recognition they deserve for achieving so powerfully exactly what we started IP to do: ignite realistic hope.

Join us for our show on Yes! and the world it's helping to create, this Tuesday, May 31 at 7:30pm Pacific time. And tell your friends!


One Response to “Our week celebrating Yes!”

  1. lesley laing
    June 1. 2011 at 14:36

    living in melbourne australia this year; may not be able to connect with IP proge=ram in real time due to time zone difference. but would like to access previous shows. how can i do this?

    glad to see what you’re up to these days, jeff. look forward to your in-depth interviews with guests. used to catch you on jpr when you were doing the radio format – missed you when you moved on – they didn’t find anyone else as effective as you while i was still around to listen.

    my job in medford was a victim of state budget cuts (ostensibly) so i moved into retirement earlier than planned (good move in the end). last year in auckland nz and this next 1 or 1-1/2 yrs in melbourne serving the quakers as resident friends.

    learning lots about societies like our own, yet subtly different. see that usa, canada, australia, new zealand are all inheritors of british colonialism – really shaped attitudes to land, class, indigenous people, economy, world view. etc. much we have in common, yet much we have developed along subtly different trajectoies from the same roots. fascinating!

    life is good. hope you are finding it so,too!

    thanks for all you do,

    lesley laing
    (progressive, seiu, democrat, quaker – heart still in state of jefferson, as well as in life here)

    ps – please remember to tell me how to tune in to past programs from here, maybe via laptop and internet, but what link? thanks