“Is it possible?” We have to find out.

As I write the big climate conference in Paris is drawing to a close.  Chatter fills the media on whether it can make a big difference, with endless description of the political, economic and ideological hurdles that have to be cleared to make possible solutions that match the scale of the challenge.

What’s possible?  As with all of our big challenges, we have no way to know the answer to that.  As with other challenges, our beliefs about what could be possible drive our actions, which in turn determine what’s possible–what we can actually do.

Given the stakes here, is there a sane alternative to assuming that sustaining a livable planet is possible, and answering the call of leaders and organizers who seem to be making the most sense on how to do it?  We can’t think of one.  Deep thanks to climate activists of all ages from all around the world who are working their hearts out to make this challenge manageable, and inviting us to take our part in the struggle we can’t escape.

And a point of personal pride:  six minutes of video of one of those leaders, my baby brother KC, bringing some clarity to the Paris talks.  Go, bro.

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