Tiny homes part I: a “giant journey”

Tiny homes, one of the fastest-growing trends in construction. As our thoughtfully passionate guests from tinyhousebuild.com and Tiny Houses, Giant Journey tell us, this is about more than square footage. In a culture of unbounded consumption, this movement is evoking a deep and broadly-shared yearning.

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One Response to “Tiny homes part I: a “giant journey””

  1. Sugeet Posey
    March 20. 2016 at 20:30

    Glad you’re doing this 2 parter. The more you can bring collections of people together to crate more tiny home villages the better. Jeff, if I could build a staircase to my second floor, I could easily live on the first floor alone – but I am not allowed to. Do I have the $ to buy land to put a tiny house on? No. That kind of pushes me toward a trailer park. What’s the solution? It’s something Immense possibilities could investigate. Go for it..

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