The Tea Party/Occupy Wall Street Conversation

Tea Party and Occupy activists look for common ground..

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One Response to “The Tea Party/Occupy Wall Street Conversation”

  1. Older Sista
    January 29. 2012 at 17:19

    Well, you can tell I’ve been reading Thom’s stuff but aside from that, Glenn Beck has been talking about personal accountability for three yrs. now and urging us to get educated about our constitution.

    I wrote this to a friend the otherday:

    Now. If the Tea Party people and the Occupy Wall Street people would sit in a classroom together, they’d be on the same page. When anyone says they want smaller government, that’s not REALLY what they want. They’re voicing a complaint about a goverment infested with politicians who are at the ends of puppet strings held by Wall St…..corporations. Which is what the Occupy people are yelling about, corpoations stacking the deck, running out the back door with the prize and paying themselves a bonus (insult to injury) to boot!! We should all be in the business of taking back OUR government… was put in place to invest in businesses FOR US, (which we now unwittingly call socialism) to oversee and yes, PROVIDE education, (who’s paying for that now?) infrastructure, assure fairness in business practices (anti-trust laws) and wages by allowing union representation (and laws to govern them), the s.s. act was to be FOR US, (not privitized or BORROWED FROM) and our public police & fire protection. Teddy Roosevedt was Chief of Police in NYC and did a great deal to stamp out corruption. Yeah Ted!

    Now for the life of me, I CANNOT understand why the Republican party is so hell-bent on not raising taxes on the rich. Meaning, mostly, corporations. Pretty obviously because no matter how they ‘spin’ a concern for U & I, they ARE the rich! Hello? Mitt Romney? I don’t give a fig how nice he is, he owns six houses, six houses, six houses, (do we even get that?) and they’re a whole helluva lot bigger than yours and mine !!!! Listen, in the Christian faith just like everyone pays taxes to run their govt., everyone is suppossed to pay a tithe; 10%. But the implication is that if your heart is right, as you make more, you’ll pay more BECAUSE YOU CAN: personal accountability. How long must we follow this idea of ‘trickle down economics’?? IT’S NOT WORKING, PEOPLE!! But I think the average Joe-voter is sold on the idea, forgetting and not understanding that we’ve been at this dance for years now! The arguement is that companies won’t invest in manufacturing anything if they’re taxed ‘too high’. Are you serious??? Prior to 1981 they were taxed at 50%, EVEN 70% and they were investing and building and producing like bunny rabbits in the springtime. Why? Because they were still making money and had a captive market in their own backyard. Money invests to make money, taxes be damned.

    Sir, if you can educate both sides on this one point alone, we should have people looking at each other in a whole new light. I hope.

    Mrs. P.

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