Story and Youth

Some children find their voice quickly and easily. Many don’t. We sample Earth Seasoned, a new film about four girls who lived a full year out in Oregon’s rugged Cascade Mountains, and talk with a founder of the Heartisan Foundation, where youngsters are led to understand the stirring power of their own personal stories.

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2 Responses to “Story and Youth”

  1. Jenni-Beth Brock
    May 27. 2017 at 10:36

    Regarding your recent airing of Earth Seasoned.
    My mother saw this episode of IP and called me. You see I am a 48yr old version of Tori from the film. I lived in Oakridge, OR as a very young child and was frequently exposed to nature. I also moved around a lot. Unlike Tori, I was not diagnosed with LD till my 30’s and then poorly diagnosed. My brother has dyslexia and did not learn to read till he was 13 however, no one ever suggested that my parents should have all of us tested.

    I am a graduate student in the School of Social Work struggling to find a niche in the Social Service sector. I share your core values and beliefs and am interested in any Fellowship or Internship opportunities that you might know where I can contribute to Immense Possibilities. I have been on the edge of homelessness all through my graduate program yet brought my GPA from under a 3 point to a 3.30.

    I believe that there are significant problems with the way children and adults are assessed regarding learning and vocational strengths.

    I agree with Molly Kreuzman, civil discourse is a significant issue esspecially when it comes to the systems that support communities. I am looking for a social innovator mentor and hope that this email leads to immense possibilities for me.


    Jennifer Brock MSW Graduate Student

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