Kids in their place

“Place-based education,” says Wikipedia, “understands students’ local community as one of the primary resources for learning.” And the lives of children are profoundly changed in the process. Lewis & Clark Professor Greg Smith is a guiding light of PBE, and Ruch Community School teacher Ryan King is one of its inspired practitioners.

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One Response to “Kids in their place”

  1. Ryan Collay
    April 30. 2016 at 15:19

    While I love the Place-based Strategy as a way to create enriching context, the idea of linking this strategy to learning was interesting…so the ocean sciences example begins to build. The preparation, the problems-solving, persistence are often the key.
    And of course the adult role-models as well as the well articulated method to enfold partners and people.
    Cool…of course I want to add physics, engineering, etc…

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