JUSTICE FOR AND BY YOUTH: Youth Courts and Accountability Circles

In one of the most powerfully effective parts of the emerging Restorative Justice movement, teenage offenders are challenged by juries of their peers, and by caring yet insistent adult volunteers, to make things right for their victims and their community.

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One Response to “JUSTICE FOR AND BY YOUTH: Youth Courts and Accountability Circles”

  1. Susan Morris Wilson
    March 24. 2014 at 13:07

    I enjoyed the presentation. It included my staff from the Youth Violence Prevention Council, and some of the youth that participate in our program. It also included a discussion about “restorative justice” and the significant role it could play in our juvenile justice system.

    Teen-aged brains are “spongy” and they are undergoing a lot of change in their brains each day. When you add peer pressure, alcohol and/or drugs, it changes the way that kids think. We need to focus on building assets in these youth.

    As I often say “good kids, bad choices”. These youth need to learn from their choices and need to learn to make the right choices at the right time.

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