Jeffrey Smith and the GMO-free movement

The network of people who believe that genetically modified foods threaten our health, farmlands and local economies is growing.  Jeffrey Smith, author of SEEDS OF DECEPTIONS  and both the book and film GENETIC ROULETTE, is its compelling spokesman.

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One Response to “Jeffrey Smith and the GMO-free movement”

  1. Dr. K
    August 8. 2013 at 08:45

    Terrific interview, thank you so much for this! Big agriculture has pretty much gotten away with murder. They’ve been conducting an open air experiment on all of us, without controls or consent. Finally, people are starting to educate themselves. But until we get labeling of GMOs, it’s going to continue to be difficult to identify cause effect relationships on human health, bee colonies and so on. Civilization, wrote H.G. Wells, is a race between education and catastrophe. Great job Jeff!

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