Horses that Heal

“Horses,” in the words of Australian poet Pam Brown, “lend us the wings we lack.” A growing number of equine therapy programs are channeling the quietly profound power of horses to help people with mental, physical and emotional challenges. It is very close to magic.

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One Response to “Horses that Heal”

  1. Edwin McCurry
    April 27. 2015 at 13:06

    Dear Jeff: I am a former elementary school administrator and teacher. My wife and I were absolutely thrilled with your program on Horses That Heal. My wife has long been a bit fearful of horses, but after seeing your program she gained a totally new positive feeling about them. To see the many ways that horses are being used in various critical forms of healing touched her , a retired nurse,deeply. One of my sons is married to a doctor who has been a horse lover all her life.They have a small horse ranch in Santa Rosa, California where they keep six retired race horses and I know they would be thrilled to see your program. Perhaps they might even adopt the idea.

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