The magic of care farming

Sanctuary One and the movement to weave together the healing of people, animals and the land.

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2 Responses to “The magic of care farming”

  1. Nina Council
    April 30. 2012 at 16:14

    I work as an animal rights person. I remember when Sanctuary One opened and have had the pleasure of speaking with Lloyd Haines. It is so wonderful what is happening there. I have volunteered and fully intend to give some time this summer.

    More and more programs like this are needed especially to help troubled teens. Country air, the animals who need love and attention, the learning which takes place, gardening, all such good things to help heel especially those teens who have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, teaching them to love which is something the world needs so much more of. Too much is based on greed in this world. Love and care, peace, and healing the earth are the only answers.

  2. laurie bagley
    May 15. 2014 at 18:10

    Amazing and inspiring.

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