Alternative School Breaks: Vacations of Service

Alternative School Breaks: Vacations of Service. Girls (& boys) gone wild? Not exactly. Students Today, Leaders Forever are creating a better society.

This week millions of college students head for beaches and other crowded sunny locales to let off steam in ways that sometimes make for spicy headlines. A smaller but growing number will take “alternative breaks,” a sequence of community projects that satisfy them much more than hearty partying, and shine light on their life goals and purpose.

Girls (& boys) gone wild? Not exactly.

As we air this episode for the first time, college students all over the county are about to head out for spring breaks. If you watch network television or read popular magazines, it might conjure up visions of girls and boys gone wild, drinking 24/7 and partying on sandy beaches. Instead many students are taking on tasks on alternative breaks. Josh Lyman (co-organizer at STLF) talks to us about these programs created for students, a student national STLF – Students Today, Leaders Forever. These projects are taking kids on trips and helping to change the world.

During these Vacations of Service, projects run from volunteering in schools, helping teachers get organized, environmental projects like building bike trails, food banks, homeless shelters, go to beaches, oyster clean up and so much more. STLF tries to do projects that excite folks in getting involved in their communities. These experiences really stick with the individuals and create an all around better society.


More about Students Today, Leaders Forever – STLF

STLF is an optimistic group of students who engage in servant leadership to create positive life experiences. With a mission to reveal leadership through service relationships, and action, STLF is engaging college, high school, and middle school students in service and leadership.

  • Mission: To reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action.
  • Vision: To energize generations of student leaders.
  • STLF currently has a full-time staff of six, but is a volunteer-driven organization, having given nearly 800 student leaders responsibility and meaningful leadership roles with more to come in the future.
  • STLF has two main programs in which it engages young people: the Pay It Forward Tour and the High School Leadership Camp
  • The Pay It Forward Tour is a multi-day, multi-city community service road trip. This traveling leadership experience focuses on service, education, reflection, and a commitment to action.
  • The High School Leadership Camp offers a more intensive leadership and personal development experience, where leaders are focus on developing transferable personal and leadership skills.

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