IP Filmworks

[Note: the submission deadline for IPF 2017 has passed, and we have a fine set of independent films for the season. Online competition for 2017 IPF Film of the Year will begin on this page in July]

IPF is looking for positive, high-energy independent films with a total elapsed time of four minutes or less. We broadcast one of these within each episode of our public television and Internet series. Selected films are entered into an end-of-the-year competition in which our viewers select the IP Film of the Year.   You can click here to see the 2016 IPF films.

We’re looking for thirteen films for our 2017 season. If you have a short film (or want to make one) that reflects the energy of the world you want to see, let us see if we can fit it into an episode of Immense Possibilities. If we do, your film will broadcast on PBS across much of the northwest,  all over Alaska and in other select markets and will automatically qualify for our 2017 IP Film of the Year competition, with a $1500 cash prize to the winner and $500 to the runner-up.

Use this short entry form to enter your film. The deadline for submitting films for our 2017 season is February 1, 2017, but films submitted by January 10, 2017, are more likely to be selected.


What do you mean by an “immense possibility”?    Immense possibilities focus on just about anything that fortifies a community’s vitality, or conveys the feeling of what an exciting and healthy world could look like. You can get a fuller sense of what we mean at the playlist of IP trailers.  Better still, watch a couple of full-length episodes on the IP episodes page.

What technical specifications should I follow?     Submit your high-quality film (total running time should be 4:00 or less) online through Vimeo.  Go to www.vimeo.com to create or sign into your account.  Upload your film to your account and send the link to filmworks@immensepossibilities.org along with your completed entry form.    Vimeo’s instructions for compressing and uploading films are hereBe sure to choose the “allow downloads” option in your Vimeo setting. [Note: we have accepted Youtube videos in the past, but for technical reasons would rather work in the Vimeo format]

What are you looking for when you choose which videos to broadcast?  We’ll select the IP Film of the Week based on

  • Value, inspirational power and potential impact of the immense possibility
  • Freshness and creativity
  • Quality of production values

   This season we’re particularly interested in films that touch on environmental issues, first and foremost climate change.

What happens if my film is selected?  The IP Film of the Week will be aired on PBS affiliate stations (in Oregon, Alaska, Northern California and other select markets) within a weekly episode of Immense Possibilities, with the film-makers credit displayed onscreen.  Then in July, IP viewers will vote online to select two  IP Films of the Year. The first-place winner will receive a prize stipend of $1500  Second prize will be receive $500.  

Anything else I should think about?

  • Be sure to complete the IPF entry form fully and clearly
  • Make sure your submission doesn’t include any copyrighted material to which you don’t have rights, unless you have written permission to use the material.  Uncertainty on this point will likely disqualify an entry.
  • You’ll have a much better idea of what we’re looking for if you watch some past IP episodes.
  • We want your video to reflect solid production values, but more important is the energy they project. Remember that the purpose of Immense Possibilities is to energize and inspire viewers.
  • Have fun with this. You’ll be more likely to give us something we want to use.

If you have a burning question and just can’t find the answer on this page, contact us at filmworks@immensepossibilities.org.

(We’d also like to send you a little flyer, without hype or jive, that tells you what we’re featuring each week on our Immense Possibilities series.  Just enter your address in the email box right here.  We’ll take good care of it)