Entry Form

For submitting a video to the IP Filmworks competition

(Alternatively, you can enter a Youtube URL, but we give preference to Vimeos)

Please acknowledge your agreement to the following:
In submitting my film/video for consideration for broadcast within an episode of the television series "Immense Possibilities," I hereby affirm that I am the creator and original producer of the content therein. I further affirm that my film/video includes no content, audio or visual, copyrighted by anyone or entity other than myself, unless I have secured permission from the content creator or copyright-holder in writing to use such material for the purpose described at http://www.immensepossibilities.org/filmworks. If that is the case, I am including with this entry form an electronic copy of the permission. I agree to hold harmless Immense Possibilities LLC ("IP"), Jeff Golden, any television station that airs the film/video and any employees or volunteers of IP, and cover any damages and attorneys fees, arising out of any claim for copyright infringement, defamation or misrepresentation arising out of the content of my film/video.

I hereby grant to Immense Possibilities LLC unlimited rights to broadcast and webcast any or all of the film/video hereby submitted, so long as that broadcast or webcast takes place within an episode of the series "Immense Possibilities," and I am credited onscreen as specified earlier on this entry form. I also grant IP the right to use short excerpts from the film/video at its discretion to promote the program.

I acknowledge that Immense Possibilities LLC has full right to accept or reject my submission at its sole discretion.

 I agree

Thanks for helping us select the 2017 IPF Film of the Year....