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Story of the long spoons

Here’s one brilliant minute on what’s true, and what could be true:  

Holiday Patriotism

We pretty much stay away from blatant political chatter here.  But I’d sure like to hear your take on Robert Reich’s holiday message at A belated Happy New Year

“Is it possible?” We have to find out.

As I write the big climate conference in Paris is drawing to a close.  Chatter fills the media on whether it can make a big difference, with endless description of the political, economic and ideological hurdles that have to be cleared to make possible solutions that match the scale of the challenge. What’s possible?  As with all  Read More»

What’s possible?

A few days after the shooting in San Bernardino–the kind of thing that has moved from a yearly, to a monthly, to a weekly event, it seems–there’s sad bafflement among many people who once had clear ideas of what needs to happen.  If there’s an Immense Possibility perspective that can be applied here, what would it be? We’re not  Read More»

A worthwhile panel on the C-Word

In an upcoming episode we explore the Next System, which touches on a debate that’s vital right now: can capitalism be revised and revitalized to serve most of the people, or does it need to make way for something else altogether? You’re invited to an online discussion of this question that promises to be smart  Read More»

Standing together for the most immense possibilities

Watch this. What does it make you feel about what’s possible?


It’s so simple. If you’re slogging around in a dark place and seeing no exit, just try one thing.  Sing! Have 2 or 3 tunes that sometimes make you smile–  this one really does it for me– and sing it out, loud or soft, once or twice or three times.  Everything changes in a moment.  Read More»

Sometimes there’s no IP. But…

When we read the daily headlines we sometimes pause and reflect: what immense possibility is there in this? There are times when no clear answer comes.  Last week was one of them, when a horribly sick young man massacred nine people and wounded ten others at Umpqua Community College, 100 miles up the road from  Read More»

Recognition long overdue

This is great.  Ashland Food Angels, our completely amazing, barely-noticed hometown organization, is about to get the big kudos it deserves.  This weekend the national NPR program E-town will give Pamela Joy its E-Chievement Award, which recognizes people who magnificent work “making their communities a better place.” Does that ever describe Pamela, who for years has  Read More»

Modders and Average Players

Let’s consider the two big trends in contemporary console gaming. One, with which we’re very familiar, is the DIY approach to playing that includes map-making and mods. The other big trend of course is driven by the consumer marketplace, a top-down environment.   Gaming as Performance Art When people treat their console games like Half  Read More»