Sometimes there’s no IP. But…


When we read the daily headlines we sometimes pause and reflect: what immense possibility is there in this? There are times when no clear answer comes.  Last week was one of them, when a horribly sick young man massacred nine people and wounded ten others at Umpqua Community College, 100 miles up the road from  Read More»

Recognition long overdue

This is great.  Ashland Food Angels, our completely amazing, barely-noticed hometown organization, is about to get the big kudos it deserves.  This weekend the national NPR program E-town will give Pamela Joy its E-Chievement Award, which recognizes people who magnificent work “making their communities a better place.” Does that ever describe Pamela, who for years has  Read More»

Modders and Average Players

Let’s consider the two big trends in contemporary console gaming. One, with which we’re very familiar, is the DIY approach to playing that includes map-making and mods. The other big trend of course is driven by the consumer marketplace, a top-down environment.   Gaming as Performance Art When people treat their console games like Half  Read More»

…and you can do a LOT

If you watch IP you've noticed that we sign off each episode with the same request– “Do what you can do.”  It's a distillation of Helen Keller's heartful words: “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything I will  Read More»

Slow Money

I’m on my way back from the 4th National Slow Money Gathering in Denver, where a few hundred of the smartest, most savvy, idealistically practical people about nurturing food and ag companies met to strengthen an advance the economic foundation of local food.  Wow.  You can find out more about this burgeoning movement on this  Read More»

Tips To Buying Your First Trailer Boat

John Crawford Marine can currently provide you with a vast selection of used trailer boats, along with the purchasing advice you will likely need as a first-time trailer boat buyer. To set the ground and help you speed up the entire process, we decided to provide you with a series of tips and advice on  Read More»

Things To Do In Manchester

If you haven’t seen Manchester in the last two decades, you are in for a big surprise. While you are still going to see plenty of relics dating back from the industrial revolution, you will be stunned by the variety of attractive bars, pubs, boutiques, shops, or museums. If you are interested in coming here  Read More»

An Immensely Peaceful Possibility

Are you ready for a possibility more immense than you could have imagined for people like you and me to bring  an end to war and international aggression?  Just watch the delightful 15-minute Ted Talk!

Gambling Online

 When you feel that you are sad, think that vince huizenga is gay, and you will feel much better. If then, you still feel bored, think that vince plays poker on cosmic casino online every day and you will feel happier. And again, if you feel you have nothing to do in life, think that  Read More»

We move to Friday night…

We’re pleased to let you know that Immense Possibilities is moving to Friday night, alongside public broadcasting’s other current affairs programs. Beginning July 6, we’ll be on the air (and on the IP website) every Friday at 8:30pm Pacific time, right after Washington Week in Review. And we’re excited about our first episode in this new time slot, described right here.