IPF 2017… IP Filmworks

Here are the eleven short independent films that aired during Immense Possibilities’  2017 season. We’d like you to help select the 2017 IPF Film of the year by watching them and using the e-ballot at the bottom of this page to vote for your favorite. The film receiving the most votes and the runner-up  will receive cash awards and on-air recognition.

The deadline for voting is midnight Pacific time, October 31, 2017.  Please, to keep this fair, only one vote per person per week.

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These are the episodes from Immense Possibilities’ 2017 season:

IP601  The Long View of Matthew Fox
Paolo Benetazzo’s short film “Lumiere London” can be found 22:11 into this episode

IP602  Growing Food, Plants and People
Big Moe Bell’s Short Film “Brothers Out Doing Well” can be found 22:25 into this episode

IP603: The World is Their Community
Paolo Benetazzo’s short film “Once Upon a Time in Cuba” can be found 21:48 into this episode


IP604  Story and Youth
Molly Kreuzman’s short film “Tori’s Story” can be found 21:55 into this episode


IP605  Dying Well
Lily Henderson’s short film “Kathleen on Dying and Dinner Parties” can be found 22:35 into this episode


IP606 Not as Divided as You Think
No IPF film in this episode

IP607  A Woman Takes On an Industry
Alessandro Dellabella’s short film “Nuclear Power (and Cows)” can be found  24:22 into this episode

IP608  Story & Race
Gabrielle Gorman’s short film “Dear America”can be found  23:22 into this episode


IP609  The True Rights of Communities
Tree Media’s short film “We the People 2.0” can be found 23:32 into this episode


IP610 Children Demanding a Future
Vanessa Black’s short film “Kid Warror: the Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Story” can be found 22:30 into this episode


IP611  Does Earth Day still matter?
Ruslan Bokach’s short film “Save the Earth” can be found 21:56 into this episode

IP612  Are We Up to the Climate Challenge?
No IPF film in this episode


IP613  The Boy Who Flies Flies Again
Giorgio Caridi’s short film “Ovindoli Freestyle” can be found  23:00 into this episode


IP614  Governor John Kitzhaber looks backward & forward
No IPF film in this episode

Please vote for your favorite film

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