IPF 2016…

Here are the 25  short independent films that aired during Immense Possibilities’  2016 season. We hope you enjoy them.

(Our viewers selected “Burrito Boyz” in IP522 as IPF Film of the Year, and “Escape Velocity” in IP503 as runner-up)

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IP 502: Creative placemaking

The IPF Film Passionnément begins at 23:08 of this episode


IP 503: Energizing neighbors and neighborhoods

The IPF Film Escape Velocity begins at 21:31 of this episode


IP 504: Empowering women

The IPF Film Autumn Leaves begins at 21:50 of this episode


IP 505: For an end to human trafficking

The IPF Film Anthony begins at 22:45 of this episode


IP 506: Same community, different sexuality

The IPF Film Life Questions begins at 24:47 of this episode


 IP507 Giraffes stick their necks out

The IPF Film What’s stopping you? begins at 23:12 of this episode


IP 508   On the Road with YES!

The IPF Film One Day on Earth begins at 23:23 of this episode


 IP 509 Young people who mean business

The IPF Film Desert Child begins at 21:51 of this episode


IP 510 Finding our way in the woods

The IPF Film Siouxon Creek begins at 21:22 of this episode


IP 511 Standing up for mental health

The IPF Film True Universal Language begins at 24:27 of this episode


IP 512 Tiny houses, part 1

The IPF Film Tiny House Calendar 2016 begins at 23:00 of this episode


IP 513 Tiny houses, part 2

The IPF Film Change a Life—one house at a time begins at 23:02 of this episode


IP 514   Family farmers

The IPF Film The Confluence begins at 23:13 of this episode


IP 515 Considering Climate

The IPF Film Welcome to Earth begins at 24:11 of this episode


 IP 516 Kids in their Place

The IPF Film Schools that change communities begins at 22:53 of this episode


IP 517 Can we talk?

The IPF Film The Last Bridge Operator begins at 20:18 of this episode


IP 518 Islam in our Community, part 1

The IPF Film A Land called Paradise begins at 20:39 of this episode


 IP 519 Islam in our Community, part 2

The IPF Films My Heart and The Edge of heaven begin at 22:01 of this episode


IP 520 The Pipeline Rebellion

The IPF Film 36 Inches begins at 24:20 of this episode


IP 521 David Suzuki–still fiery at 80  

The IPF Film Saying Goodbye begins at 23:19 of this episode


IP 522 Neighborhood Food Projects

The IPF Film Burrito Boyz begins at 22:45 of this episode


IP 523 Are We Getting more local?

The IPF Film Soundtrack begins at 24:03 of this episode


IP 524 Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey

The IPF Film Eire begins at 22:25 of this episode


IP 525 The Power of the Word

The IPF Film A Man, A Plan, A Palindrome begins at 21:33of this episode


IP 526 Two Women leaving their legacy

The IPF Film Jan Shatabdi Express begins at 23:54 of this episode


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