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IP’s 2017 season is complete…

Laughing head shotOur extended interview with former Governor John Kitzhaber (below) is the 14th and final episode of our 2017 season. You can watch any episode from this season (or from our 2011-2016 seasons) anytime you choose just by clicking the “Episodes” tab above.

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Story of the long spoons

Here’s one brilliant minute on what’s true, and what could be true: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhU5JEd-XRo  

Our Current Immense Possibility

He was elected Oregon governor four times, upending national health care policy with a boldly simple plan, and exploding the stereotypes of successful politicians along the way. In his first full broadcast interview since leaving office in 2015, Dr. John Kitzhaber describes the dangers and possibilities he sees in the looming political landscape

IMMENSE POSSIBILITIES ignites realistic hope with inspirational stories of community victories. It showcases ordinary people whose passion and creativity are blazing trails to a healthy future for our children and grandchildren. See what we've discovered in the realms of community breakthroughs, local independence, sustainable solutions, environmental sanity, generations coming together, and awesome social inventions.

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