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Friday March 6, 8:30pm, on SOPTV & in the “Current IP” video box below*

Our FirScreen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.55.14 PMst Community Members: Native Americans today.  They were and are vital residents of Oregon and the Northwest.  But many of us know almost nothing—unless you count worn-out cardboard stereotypes–about Native Americans and their culture today. Who are they, and what possibilities would come out of heightened mutual understanding and appreciation?

*NOTE:  IP repeats on SOPTV Thursdays at 10:30pm & Sundays at 4:30pm, and also airs on Oregon Public Broadcasting Saturdays at 8:30am and on KIXE-TV Saturdays at 4:00pm.

Our Current Immense Possibility

Stuart Perlmeter and Aspyn Lysiak of the Water & Energy Learning Lab, Seth Maxwell of the Thirst Project.

One of the core challenges drawing the energy and creativity of young people with an eye on the future is water—its quality in our rivers, streams and oceans, and its availability for meeting basic survival needs of people around the world. They’re discovering and developing solutions that will improve the lives of millions.

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